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Chanting as a Pathway to Joy

I enjoy connecting with Nature as a way of hearing Guidance from my own Inner Wisdom and/or God. Twice recently when I connected with Nature, there was a theme of the need to sing. I had no idea at the … Continue reading

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Synchronicities & Inner Urgings

A few years ago, I experienced a number of synchronistic events and an inner nudge that, when followed, guided me to a profound spiritual experience. I was hosting a sand-tray therapy class that spring. The presenter, Kate, spoke of Jungian … Continue reading

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Divine Guidance

Welcome to the Divine Connections Blog! This blog will be a dialogue in which people share the ways they have connected with and been guided, healed, protected or otherwise personally touched by the Divine in some way. The purposes of … Continue reading

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Life-Saving Guidance

One of the most profound examples – at least from a material life and death perspective – of Divine Connection was one of the times in which I know that the Guidance saved my life. For those who do not … Continue reading

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Message from Molly

Molly, my Cavalier King Charles side-kick, who comes to work with me every day, came to me in my dream one night and told me she wanted her own column in my newsletter to share her wisdom.  I will share … Continue reading

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