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acient, church-like door opening to some unknown natural world

Opening your inner doors

Mission: I contribute to the highest development of our planet by offering life-transforming events to help participants experience their own Inner Spark and how it connects with Spirit/The Universe. I assist participants in realizing their full potential for meaning and joy by viewing life as a spiritual journey and aligning with their passions and Inner Spark.

Upcoming Events:

deep woods with creek flowing over mossy rocksDeep Restoration Retreat

Now, therapists & body workers, can receive CE’s, too!

with Tracie Nichols, M.A. & Rev. Teresa Glatthorn, Psy.D.

We gently and lovingly encourage you to treat yourself to a full mind-body-spirit renewal of your Being. Just think how wonderful it will be to look forward to experiencing some deep restoration in October (Friday, the 12th – Sunday afternoon, the 14th) as you gear back up into the hectic fall and pre-holiday season.

You give so much to so many. In your work and in your life your wide-open heart serves over and over again. And, you know how to take care of yourself. Give yourself permission to pamper yourself and fuel-up so you can continue to serve and thrive while you’re doing it.

Because we are waiting for confirmation of CE’s, we now have a risk-free cancellation policy for social workers, professional counselors, marriage & family therapists and massage therapists (NCBTMB). If you register for the retreat anticipating CE credit and, for some reason, we cannot provide them, you get a 100% refund if you withdraw from the retreat within 7 days of being notified. (We will know for sure long before the retreat begins.)

Path between sequoia trees As a growing, evolving being, you’re always expanding the ways you serve. As you do this, why not also expand the ways in which you nourish yourself in order to best serve those others? You know you deserve it and so do they.

Activities we’re offering you

  • Making a collage &/or sand-tray-in-the-wild
  • Body/movement activities to connect with your Inner Knowing
  • Healing sound work
  • Adventures to connect with the Wisdom of the stones & woods
  • Focused journaling
  • A group acupuncture session
  • Walking the outdoor labyrinth

The Deep Restoration Retreat is all about shifting your focus to being held in sacred nurturance…by the earth…by Teresa and Tracie…and by yourself.

As the retreat will be held at Kirkridge Retreat Center, we will be incorporating activities at the Columcille Megalith Park next door. The ancient, gently rolling mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania will receive you. You’ll be cradled by the living woods, nurtured by the waters, stones and creatures. Throughout the retreat we invite you to participate in restorative practices, integrating them as tools that will support you, and the people you serve, once the retreat is over.

“Dearest ones, join me. Crack the shells that have formed around your weary hearts and rest in my mountain arms. I offer my breath to ease you.”~ Gaia

It’s impossible to choreograph magic, but we believe you’ll leave with your body refreshed, your spirits renewed and your heart restored, carrying practices to help you maintain the dynamic balance between service to others and nurturing your own evolution.

doe in the wildYour retreat time will also include…
  • peaceful woodland surroundings
  • unhurried, relaxed pace
  • time with the land and the standing stones of Columcille
  • nourishing meals and snacks
  • tools to use for yourself and others moving forward

“Come to the land, dearest ones. Drink from the well of stone stillness. Replenish your heart. Be lovingly restored.” ~Gaia

Japanese Maple in autumn colorsWe invite you to rest into your heart wisdom, and if it feels right join us!

Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 14, 2012
Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA with access to the magical, sacred Columcille Megalith Park

You are welcome to contact Tracie or Teresa with questions, or to register without using Paypal.

Registration after July 2, 2012 is $575. (Room and meals are $272.00, retreat is $303 of that cost.)

If you register with a friend, or are a senior or a full time student, registration  is $540. (Room and meals are $272.00, retreat is $268 of that cost.)

Registration closes September 21. So register now :-)

Please note: CEU’s for Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors & Marriage and Family Counselors are pending. We have also recently received permission to offer (NCBTMB) CE’s to massage therapists & energy workers! There will be a small additional fee for the approximately 15 CE’s for the weekend.

Cancellation/refund policy:
  • If for any reason we cancel, you will receive a full refund of everything you have paid.
  • If you cancel between July 2 and September 20, we will refund what you have paid minus $300 (which we will be required to pay for your room, meals & CE’s even if you cannot attend)
  • We are confident we will be able to give CE’s. Yet, we want your registration to be worry-free. If you sign up with the expectation that we will be approved to offer you CE credit, and we are not approved for that credit (which we will know far ahead of time), you will receive a 100% refund if you withdraw as a result of that lack of CE’s within 7 days of learning about their not being approved.
  • Sorry! We cannot issue any refunds after the registration closing date of September 21, 2012. We will issue you a credit for the amount you paid us minus $300 (which we will be required to pay for your room, meals & CE’s even if you cannot attend). You will be able to use the credit toward any future class or event with Tracie Nichols or Teresa Glatthorn.

To Register for the Deep Restoration retreat, click here.

upheld hands radiating healing energyEnergy Exchange

Free Self-Care!

Here’s another way to pamper yourself and others, and, this time, at no cost! Come, give a session and, in exchange, receive a FREE session of  massage therapy, energy work, or other healing gift. In previous energy exchanges, participants have shared: Reiki, IET, various forms of massage, reflexology, chiropractic adjustment, cranio-sacral therapy, spiritual intuitive session, transformative Jungian sand-tray and a wide variety of other mind-body-spirit gifts.  What would you like to practice and/or share? What type of healing would you love to receive? I am sponsoring a choice of two sessions: 1-4:30 pm or 5:30 – 8:30 pm on July 31, in my office in Willow Grove. Sign up here to renew yourself through this energy exchange. Pre-registration is required (and limited) in order to ensure we have enough space and massage tables for everyone. (Donations are not required but will be accepted for the Healing Angels Fund, which covers the co-pays and deductibles for people who cannot afford them and yet need psychotherapy/energy healing services.)

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