Molly’s Musings

Molly, my Cavalier King Charles side-kick, who used to come to work with me every day, came to me in my dream one night and told me she wanted her own column in my newsletter to share her wisdom.  I will share some of that wisdom here as well in remembrance of all that she shared while in this lifetime.

Before I share these, let me clarify the nature of this Wisdom and its source. I do not claim to be an animal communicator. In fact, the way I receive these messages, I believe, is open to us all, if we allow it to happen. I simply focus on Molly. In my head, I ask for a message from her, then relax into a calm and open space. Sometimes scenes appear and sometimes a phrase or sentence just pops into my head, making sense of a scene involving Molly. Is it coming from Molly? I don’t know; and, to me, it doesn’t matter. It feels Divinely-inspired as it feels like it comes from somewhere else. Is it Molly? the Collective Unconscious? Spirit? Angels? Does it matter? It starts with focusing on Molly and the messages revolve around how she lives (lived) a divinely-inspired life. You decide for yourself where they came from and if they give you helpful Wisdom. [P.S. Molly is no longer of this world and I don’t yet seem able to get messages from her in this way. However, I am able to do this with Beings still of this world – trees, plants, animals, and stones have all given me messages in much the same way.]

Molly’s first such message was:  “Please honor the Wisdom & Guidance we (“pets”) share with you and do not dismiss our behaviors or minimize their importance.”

Molly asked that I give you a recent example. As part of my Path to manifesting abundance, I was Guided to “avoid useless talk,” which is not just gossip, but also watching TV that is “meaningless”. My habit had been to watch an hour or two of TV after returning from work each night before going to bed. Molly went along with this plan until my Guidance suggested this new path. Then, when I was not heeding the advice to change, Molly took it upon herself to go upstairs to bed earlier each night, trying to lead by example – and then she’d return to me and encourage me to come up with her. She went as far as to engage in what I experienced as “annoying behaviors” in order to gain my compliance. I resisted – to the point of putting up a gate preventing her from retiring early! At that point, I realized the degree of my stuck behavior and relented to the Guidance of the Angels – through Molly.

Since then, I am enjoying spiritual reading at bedtime, or retiring earlier so I can walk in the early morning, and not only is abundance flowing more smoothly, but since I have been in a more spiritual space during my sleep, my dreams have been providing supreme Guidance in exchange for my cooperation! Thank you, Molly & our angels!

What are YOUR pets guiding you to do? Get out and enjoy fresh air? Take more breaks? Be joyful & playful? Molly suggests we Listen to their Wisdom instead of minimizing their behaviors.  They Know! They can be a Divine Connection.

What messages has your pet shared? How did they get you to listen?


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