Slow Down! Miracles Afoot

“Slow Down!
There are miracles afoot here!”

Molly has a natural appreciation of the little miracles in Nature. She has spent hours playing with a fly in the car to amuse herself during a 10-hour car ride and she is always mindful on a walk so she doesn’t miss anything. When we go out for a “quick pee-break”, I can get caught up in hurrying back inside. She often encourages me to stop and become mindful of life around me – to get grounded before we return inside. So often, this leads to me seeing some little miracle I would have otherwise missed – like the two ants carrying a load ten times their own size, running up and down “hills” and over barriers, keeping abreast of each other despite the obstacle course they traveled together. Such team work, strength and endurance. An inspiring miracle!

(revised from September 2011 e-newsletter from Send an email to Teresa requesting her e-newsletter using the contact info here.


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