Joy & Gratitude, Connecting with Nature

“Be Joyful! Be Grateful! Reconnect with Nature!”

During the hurricane in the summer of 2011, Molly was quite reticent to go outside and she was sluggish while stuck in the house. After the hurricane, however, I went out to check on the yard, tying plants back up, and feeding the critters in my yard. Molly snuck out immediately, which is unusual for her. Although she is generally relaxed and laid back, she was joyfully trotting around, reconnecting with the neighbors’ yards as well as our own. She displayed a beautiful energy of joy and gratitude about all that had survived.

Her joy was contagious. We connected around this joy, honoring each plant and re-discovering the very hummingbirds, crickets and other critters about whom I had fretted 2 days prior as we had anticipated the hurricane.

Molly reminded us that we all become cloistered away from nature  – whether it’s during a  hurricane weekend, a long winter, hot summer, or a schedule too full for our own good. Let’s heed Molly’s advice and be joyful and grateful. We all survived the hurricane, the recent storms, or heat or snow, or busy streak, and now it’s time to reconnect with Nature, to nourish our joy in Her, with renewed gratitude and respect.

(Revised from August 2011 e-newsletter of Teresa Glatthorn.) Send an email requesting to be on her e-newsletter list by using contact info here.


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