Life-Saving Guidance

One of the most profound examples – at least from a material life and death perspective – of Divine Connection was one of the times in which I know that the Guidance saved my life.

For those who do not know me, I begin with a fact: I am on the short side (5’1”). (This is important later.) I had been Guided to return to college to earn my doctorate in psychology and I began the program in May 1997. In my first classes that summer, during the class discussions, several classmates would occasionally refer to programs they had heard on NPR or talk radio on a certain station. These programs sounded fascinating and I was curious to hear what else one might hear when listening to such a station. So, in fall 1997, because I met these people in the university I was Guided to attend, and because my classmates were Guided to share what they did, I began listening to a new radio station and talk shows. However, the only time I listened to this station was the 2 times per week I drove an hour each way to school and back. (I was a single Mom with teenagers who had control of the radio most other times!)

In the course of two months, from September to November, on just those two nights a week in just those two hours on those nights, there were THREE talk shows highlighting the dangers of airbags for short people. The third time the topic showed up, I got chills and “knew” the message was for me. The message was to move my car’s seat further back from the steering wheel so I would not be killed by my airbag if I were in an accident. I was scared. I knew at some level that a car accident was headed my way. I also knew I was being protected. I listened. I moved my seat. Within a couple of weeks of moving my seat back, I was in a bad car accident. My car broadsided another car (that ran a stop sign) at 45 mph. My last thought before impact was, “so this is how it all ends!” I was hit by my airbag, which caused me a closed head injury and serious neck issues as well as a brachial plexus injury. However, when I awakened at the site, I marveled – I was alive! If I had not moved my seat back, I would have been killed by my airbag! My life had been perfectly orchestrated so that I would learn I needed to move my seat back from the airbag. I survived that accident, which brought many other messages during the healing process.

Now I ask you: How have you received Guidance or Protection that has saved your life in some way? In what form did this Guidance arrive? What happened when you listened – or didn’t?

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2 Responses to Life-Saving Guidance

  1. What an inspiring story Teresa! My life was saved, in a bit of a different way, by guidance I received from a mountain (yes, a whole mountain — it was a rather BIG message!) Since the mountain “spoke” to me, I have completely changed how I am expressing my gifts and living my purpose.

    • Thank you for sharing the mountain’s message and its impact on your life, Tracie! It’s an inspiring example of how powerfully our lives can be changed/saved by being open to following Guidance we receive directly from Nature.

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