Here’s some comments from folks who have attended events and/or therapy with Teresa Glatthorn:

“This class had a significant positive impact on my ability to manifest my goals! Teresa’s mentorship was key to helping me to get clearer about my goals, and to understanding how I was limiting or sabotaging them. The class was beautifully structured, allowing space for our own Inner Wisdom to merge with the information and guidance Teresa offered. I loved the way it wove together Teresa’s own Divine Guidance with practical ideas from the resources she was sharing. The experiential exercises we did in class were wonderful!  I also really appreciated the content and the consistency of practice that the reading and exercises suggested as “homework” brought to the experience.  I highly recommend learning with Teresa!” Tracie Nichols, M.A., Spiritual Midwife,

“Wonderful, very powerful.”  “This retreat will give you a chance to experience nature in the most profound way.”  ~ MaryAnn T.

“Great!  Changed me. Opened me up to nature and myself.”  “Great experience!  Whole new way to experience the world around you & how to listen to your part in it.”  ~ Rosie S.

“Thank you all (manifesting group) and deep gratitude for Teresa for holding the space for our vision!”  Saryu D.

“I started my sessions with you just about one year ago.  While I certainly hoped to be in a better place, I never could have fathomed all of the positive changes I would experience over a 12 month period, and all because I followed your lead. . .

How do I begin to thank you for being the spark that truly lit my way on the most important journey of my life?  . . .

Sonia Choquette talks about how, when she started asking her angels & guides for support, what they provided was even better than what she would have allowed for herself.  And I have found that to be true for myself.  My favorite of her quotes is, How good can you stand it?  It sounds like an exaggeration when you first hear it, but when you put in the time and the effort to build those connections and follow the guidance that comes through… O M G !

You are truly an angel on earth.  I hope you know and believe that.  If you had not pointed me in the right direction, I’m not sure how much more of my former life I could have stood.  You saved me. You have my love & gratitude always, as does Molly 🙂  ”    ~ T.T.


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