Recent Events

In order to have a flavor of the type of services and events we offer, here is a taste of some of our past activities. (Check here for current/upcoming events.)


NCBTMB CEU credits now offered! (8 CEU’s per day or level)

Angel Ariel sending healing energyIET is a powerful means to clear blockages that have been stored in the body, releasing suppressed and stuck emotions, which leads to stress reduction and enhancement of overall quality of life and healing at all levels.

You will learn 9 integration points on the body, each of which is identified as storing specific suppressed emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, & guilt. and these are targeted for quick release.  A full treatment is performed on a fully clothed person and lasts about one hour, leaving the client in a peaceful, relaxed state that often results in an ongoing healing process. One also learns a 10-minute self empowerment process.

IET supports healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/karmic. Learn more about IET at this website:

This series doubles as a fundraiser for the School of Sacred Ministries (SSM), training & ordaining Interfaith Ministers and thus promoting world peace through interfaith understanding (50% of the profits from this training will be donated to SSM to help pay the tuition for students with limited means)

Basic Level:              May 12        9 am – 5:30 pm                                                               Intermed. Level:     June 10      9 am – 5:30 pm                                                               Advanced:                June 23       9 am – 5:30 pm


Regular Registration: Basic Level $170; Intermediate Level $225 and Advanced Level $225. ($50/day if reviewing)

Discounts: Early (paid 2 weeks in advance), FT Student (with ID), Group (2+ people from one family/group). Above discounts: $20/day. Senior Citizen Discount (65+): 40% off. 10% off if registering and paying for all 3 days at once.

For more information on IET, visit:


Mount Ranier In this group, we used a process of making Personal Divine Connections utilizing spiritual/energetic means to manifest our dreams: abundance, friendships, partners, right livelihood, a summer home, a new office, whatever your heart envisions. . . .

Our first event was a morning envisioning event in which we created a vision board for what we would like to manifest in the new year.

Our second event was our first monthly meeting to begin the process of anchoring and working with our own visions and holding each others’ visions. Group members participated in energetic activities and exercises in the group and between sessions, engaged in focused meditations during group (and outside group), and engaged in fun, powerful activities suggested by our Guides.

picture from“>Mount Rainier Peak</a> by Ang Kim

Divine Connections through Radical Presence Retreats

At these retreats, We birthed ourselves from sacred spaces and moved through an unfolding spiral of experiential and group sharing of nature-based activities, supported by moments of quiet individual contemplation as well as recording of our journey through journaling &/or drawing.  We focused on cultivating states of radical presence – becoming exquisitely present to the signs and messages being offered to us by the natural world – as well as ways of interpreting that Guidance.  We explored ways to easily incorporate these new practices and ways-of-being into daily, lived life, so they became practical and welcome tools that support our continued thriving.

Who should come to a Divine Connection through Radical Presence Retreat? 

Anyone who is feeling indecisive, overwhelmed, like life is chaotic.  Anyone who is seeking to cultivate life practices that produce deeper connection and clear, ongoing Divine Guidance.  Anyone who feels drawn to nature and is seeking practices that offer a conscious and co-creative relationship with the Earth.  Anyone who would like to live their lives in alignment with the Divine Guidance that is available to us all when we understand how to be present to it.

Here’s the kind of difference a Divine Connection through Radical Presence Retreat can make in your life…
You will:

  • Hone your ability to get direct messages from Spirit at any time, in any place, through developing a practice of radical presence.
  • Use that deep connection for daily guidance in personal, spiritual and/or work aspects of your life.
  • Figure out the primary channel through which Spirit currently Guides you: do you hear words, see images, intuit, feel sensations in your body. . . . . ?
  • Make clear choices that are in alignment with your personal integrity and your soul’s purpose.
  • Discover that a conscious relationship with Gaia (the natural world) gives you firm ground to stand on, the compassionate heart of the earth to rest in, and the felt sense that you are never alone nor isolated.

Connecting with The Divine Feminine

Image of a woman birthing the universeTogether with Rev. Siobhan Comisky, Rev. Teresa Glatthorn presented a day-long workshop on the Divine Feminine as experienced in a number of faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Celtic Earth-based traditions, Hinduism, pagan traditions and others. This workshop was offered through the School of Sacred Ministries on Saturday, June 18th , 9:45 am – 4 pm at The Art of Communicating in Willow Grove.  Come and experience a Personal Divine Connection with the feminine aspects of the Divine in a variety of Her forms.

Energy Healing Trainings:

Healing Furry Best Friends:
IET 4 Pets

picture of dog with angel wings

Molly also asked me to share with you this healing process of IET 4 Pets. Molly recently had bladder stones and we discovered the stones could be related to emotions – such as holding in frustration.We were guided to use IET to clear those emotions and her related physical issues. She was much better after only two IET treatments!  Another time, Molly had hurt her shoulder (she is like us – at 12 y/o, her mind feels like a boisterous child, so she ran around like a nut, while her body screamed “Whoa! Not so fast!”) and she wouldn’t walk at all for HOURS and couldn’t walk up or downstairs for a day. A combination of Reiki and IET healed it in 2 days!Molly said this was a sign that it was time that I offer a class to teach others how to use IET (healing energy from the angelic realm) so others can help heal their best friends (dogs, cats & horses) release their emotional issues and related physical issues. (Pre-requisite: Basic IET.)
Photo from


Energy Exchange:
Be Pampered While You Share Your Gifts & Network!

picture of pretty feet with a flower in a bowl of river stones Several people came and shared their healing gifts, practiced their energy healing skills, and received a healing session (or 2) in a new or familiar form in exchange. This is also a wonderful opportunity to network with other healers and learn about and experience a variety of healing techniques. Many of us experience a Personal Divine Connection while giving and/or receiving healing sessions.

At one Energy Exchange, we had practitioners sharing Psych-K, Donna Eden’s Energy Healing, spiritual healing, chiropractic adjustment, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral therapy, Reiki, IET, massage, and other interesting exchanges! Everyone left the exchange with a lovely, healthy glow, having experienced just the healing they requested and eager to attend again. What gifts will be shared at this next one? What healing do you need?


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