Chanting as a Pathway to Joy

Hot pink plumeria flowers

How Do You Connect with Joy?

I enjoy connecting with Nature as a way of hearing Guidance from my own Inner Wisdom and/or God. Twice recently when I connected with Nature, there was a theme of the need to sing. I had no idea at the time how powerful this Guidance would be once I heeded it. The first singing message was when I connected with the energy of a stream. The stream asked me to notice that it runs along carefree, never wondering where it will end up or trying to plan its course – just trusting it will be Guided to the perfect places. (An inspired way to view life.) It also said to notice that when it encounters boulders, turns in the path or other “obstacles”, that is when it dances and sings. It doesn’t lament. It dances and sings! What a powerful message about how to view changes in our own course! They are opportunities to dance and sing!

Another day, not long after, I was connecting with a bird and felt her energy – the excitement about all of life. It was if she was saying, “It’s sunny, how wonderful! It’s shady, how sweet! It’s hot, how perfect! It’s cool, I love it! Life is grand, let’s sing!” No matter what was happening, she experienced life as great. She sings out her Joy!

I began to sing along with the radio and CD’s more. However, the final piece of the leading was when I was invited to attend a kirtan (with Krishna Das) – a new experience for me. A kirtan is a Buddhist way of connecting with Spirit through singing chants back and forth with a leader. I was surprised at how moving it was. I bought his CD set and have been chanting (singing) nearly daily ever since. I find myself moved to tears during some of the chants and now I get Guidance from Spirit while chanting. I feel Spirit and Connection and Joy resonating in my throat, chest and head as I chant. I FEEL the spirituality!  I know now that the bird and stream guided me to this spiritual form of using voice to connect with Spirit. Many thanks to you, Stream and Bird!

When you notice Nature and how She handles life, what are you Guided to try for yourself?


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