Divine Guidance

Rev. Teresa Glatthorn, Psy.D.

Rev. Teresa Glatthorn, Psy.D.

Welcome to the Divine Connections Blog! This blog will be a dialogue in which people share the ways they have connected with and been guided, healed, protected or otherwise personally touched by the Divine in some way. The purposes of the blog are to acknowledge those events; make it clear that these Connections are frequent, available to us all & profoundly helpful; and highlight the variety of forms these connections take.

I was told – through a Divine Connection, of course – that the first example of a Divine Connection should be the origin of this blog. I was at a “World Conference for Interfaith Ministers” at which I had hoped to gain more insight into my “calling” and skills in order to proceed on the mission to which I had committed upon my ordination: “to create sacred space and events to empower people to make personal Divine Connections.” There were lots of informative talks about huge, important worldwide projects and presentations about how to use mass media to reach large numbers of people with interfaith messages.  I was overwhelmed afterward, wondering where to begin and, as a basically shy person, who previously did not see herself as having a mission of those proportions, I began feeling intimidated by my own mission and the missions of this interfaith group.

On the grounds of this retreat site was an outdoor labyrinth, an ancient means for centering and connecting with the Divine. To settle my thoughts, get grounded and discern the relationship between my own mission and these global missions, and to be Guided regarding where to begin, I embarked on a labyrinth walk asking the questions, “Where do I begin with my mission? What is my next step?”  The answer came very clearly as a thought inside my head – a thought I would never generate: “You need to start a blog.” I argued that I had nothing to say. My Guidance replied that I mostly certainly did and that I was to write about the variety of Divine Connections I have experienced and how they have transformed my life. I was also to ask my readers to share their Divine Connections. I was then reminded throughout the walk of many of the experiences with which I have been blessed and about which I will be sharing in this blog. My life has been saved at least twice through these connections. Although the daily Guidance I receive may not always rise to this level of impact, it is always crucial in directing me in matters of health, family, social, educational, career and spiritual/soul aspects of my life. When I follow this Guidance, which sometimes asks me to step forward in ways that require courage (like opening myself up and starting a blog!) my life is inspired and works in amazingly beautiful ways.

So, readers, here we embark on our dialogue! Here is my first example of how Divine Guidance showed up – as thoughts inside my head as I walked in an outdoor labyrinth asking for direction. What Divine Guidance have you received and how did you receive it? I invite you to share here. My Guidance says you have beautiful stories to share with the world.

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2 Responses to Divine Guidance

  1. Thank you, Teresa, for creating this welcoming space where we can share our stories and experiences of Divine Guidance. I love your story about the lesson from the labyrinth. You are a blessing!

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