“View every day as transformative.”

When Molly shared this thought with me today, I found it so deep and profound, I had to take some time to reflect on it before I could discuss it here.

To me, what Molly may be referring to is that in much the same way that when we step into a stream, it is never the same stream that we stepped into before, when we begin a new day, it is never the same day as any before.

If we approach life this way, we can envision that our job, our relationships, our health, or any other part of our life is not necessarily the same as it was the day before. We can experience any aspect of our life as healed, transformed, transforming . . . into any state that we desire and as we relate to our life from this fresh perspective, it becomes transformed.

We can also choose to make changes in any given day, if we align with the energy of transformation, and create the life we desire – one day at a time.


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