Synchronicities & Inner Urgings

A few years ago, I experienced a number of synchronistic events and an inner nudge that, when followed, guided me to a profound spiritual experience.

I was hosting a sand-tray therapy class that spring. The presenter, Kate, spoke of Jungian symbols or archetypes and she placed a figure she called Kwan Yin in the sand tray, indicating she felt very close to Her. I had never heard of Kwan Yin and inquired about Her. I felt an inner intrigue. Kwan Yin’s name came up again in another sand tray class a short time later. The intrigue grew. Who is this Kwan Yin? A few months later, I was in a class about angelic healing. In the introductions, a woman spoke about teaching Magnified Healing, a healing technique channeled through Kwan Yin, as well as stories about the remarkable healings that resulted from this technique. This was more than a coincidence. I was very moved. I knew I had to take this class and find out more about Kwan Yin.

I took the class on Magnified Healing a couple of months later and learned more about Kwan Yin and her healing technique. I wasn’t sure I believed such amazing stories and I wasn’t accustomed to believing in spiritual beings other than God and angels. I learned the technique and decided to see for myself. During the attunement (the process in which the student receives a special blessing in order to be able to connect to this healing energy), I felt a very special sensation accompanied by a particular image, which I had never experienced before. (I am purposely not sharing the details. That way, if you experience it, without being told what it was, you will know you had a true connection.)

I practiced the technique fairly faithfully on myself and my loved ones. (You can send this healing to lots of people all at once in about 10 minutes). I held no expectation, however, about how much effect it would have. I still wasn’t sure if Kwan Yin even existed and whether this healing technique was valid.

A year later, I was in ministry school and we were on retreat, studying Buddhism. The instructor led us on meditations with Buddha, which were nice, but nothing huge for me. Then he guided us on a meditation with White Tara (the Buddhist version of the Hindu’s Kwan Yin). He took us through a relaxation process. Once we were relaxed, he invited us to imagine certain images; then he described a sensation to imagine and another image that people have used for centuries to call in the energy of Kwan Yin. It was the exact same image and sensation I had had with the attunement a year prior! Tears streamed down my face as I connected with Her; I knew She had visited me during my attunement. I then felt a huge ball of energy on my lap and knew She was on my lap and surrounding my entire being. I know now (not believe) that She is real. Since then She has performed healings (via Magnified Healing) for my friends and family, as well as my dog, including healing a 20-year rift in my family!

The message for me is a reminder to listen to the inner urgings and coincidences. They lead us to beautiful places on our Path.

To what have synchronicities and/or inner urgings led you?

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6 Responses to Synchronicities & Inner Urgings

  1. Timea says:

    Great story! Thank you for sharing…

  2. One of my deepest Divine Connections is with the Earth. A few years ago I was driving to the grocery store and encountered a detour on the road I usually traveled, so I ended up on a road I hadn’t driven in years. Within a few hundred yards, the voice of Gaia was urging me to “look to the right!” When I did, I noticed a beautiful new little neighborhood park….with a huge labyrinth that had a powerful stone being resting in its center. The labyrinth and stone are now a very important part of my life…holding me when I need to center in my journey or get clear about my direction. Thanks for sharing your story, Teresa!

  3. Tracie, Welcome back to the blog! Thank you so much for sharing your Divine Connection. How wonderful that you listened to that inner urging! I think we get those often and in our haste we ignore them sometimes. When we listen, as your story shows, we are ushered into amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing your Divine Connection. PS. I love your little park!

  4. TN says:

    Really enjoyed this story!

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