Loyalty & Non-judgment

“Notice how my loyalty and non-judgment preserves our relationship.”

Molly is a perfect example of loyalty and non-judgment. In April 2011, as I had been preparing to sell my house, I had been busy constantly cleaning the house & working in the yard to show the property in its best light. Molly’s beautiful hairy paws have a tendency to bring bits & pieces of the neighborhood back into the house. As much as I adore Nature, I found these little bits of Nature being dropped all around to be disturbing (as I allowed myself to experience it so). To allow me to cope with the situation without upset, Molly spent a great deal of time out in the yard or in my car, where she could be near me, but the neighborhood “treasures” could remain outside or in the car.

This was a huge change in her routine. If she were human, she would likely have been angry, holding a grudge or making assumptions about some negative motive of mine or negative change in our relationship. However, she took it in good spirits and was loving and supportive. She held no grudges. She trusted there was a good reason and made the best of it. She loved unconditionally.

Who are we judging? What assumptions are we making? How can we trust others more & love unconditionally? Do we have grudges we can release?

(revised from April 2011 e-newsletter of Teresa Glatthorn.) Send an email requesting to be added to her e-newsletter list using the info here.


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